3 Head 220V Floor Polishing Machine L357

Surface preparation before coating, concrete grinding and polishing, cleaning, renovating wooden floors, removal of coatings, paint, thin glues, etc. Especially for dry or wet concrete floor grinding and renovating of terrazzo and stones. Grinding speed is adjustable from 0 to 1500rpm.

3 Head 220V Floor Polishing Machine for Polished Concrete.

Description and Application: Surface preparation before coating, concrete grinding and polishing, cleaning, renovating wooden floors, removal of coatings, paint, thin glues, etc. Especially for dry or wet concrete floor grinding and renovating of terrazzo and stones. Grinding speed is adjustable from 0 to 1500rpm.

1. Different grinding speed and optional grinding head to meet different requirements.
2. Folding handled design, easier to operate.
3. Gear box is made by aluminum alloy, light weight and powerful which can work 24 hours continuously.
4. Planet grinding disk, stable operation and high working efficiency, different grinding disk meet requirements of renovating, polishing, crystal faces and cleaning together, more cost-economical.
5. Streaming design, separated counterweight to save labor, different iron weighted is optional.
6. Dry and wet grinding improves your grinding efficiency and saves labor and cost.

Technical parameters:
Specification: L357
Power: 4KW/5HP
Working Width: 500mm/20 inch
Voltage: 220V/380V
Current: 10A
Working Speed: 0-1500 rpm/min
Grinding Disk: 220mm/9 inch× 3
Water Tank Capacity: 30L
Weight: 170kg

Pressure Adjusting System: Yes
Accessory Weighted: 20kg× 3
Noise: ≤ 65dB
Accessories: 12m power cord
Waterproof plug: 1PCS
Weighted lron: 1PCS
Waterproof cover: 1PCS
Packing Dimension (mm): 1000× 650× 1050

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