Angle Grinder FH67

Angle grinder is for grinding the edge and partial floor and especially grinding that the large grinder cannot reach.

Angle Grinder FH67.

Angle grinder is for grinding the edge and partial floor and can grind concrete floor effectively, especially grinding that the large grinder cannot reach. It applies to grind epoxies of small area and to cut ground expansion joint. With vacuum cleaner devices, dust is avoided to spread to the air and a favorable working environment can be ensured. 

· Dust free equipped with vacuum devices equipped
· Grinding and cutting at a high speed with 9000rpm
· Compact size, portable and easy to operate. 
Technical parameters: 
Model FH67
Power 0.67kw/0.9hp 
Power Requirements 220V 50Hz 
Rotation Rate 9000RPM 
Weight 3kg 


Optional Parts: 
Part Name Specification
Bowl-shape Grinding Sheet D-100 
Wire Brush D-101 

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